Anu Kiiskinen

Syntynyt - Was born 1964

Taideopinnot - Art studies:
Kuvataiteen kanditaatti - BA of Fine Arts 1994
Kuvataiteen maisteri - MA of Fine Arts 1999
Taiteilijan pedagogiset opinnot - Artpedagogic studies 1999
Maisema-arkkitehti yo. - Landscape architecture studies 2000

Curriculum vitae

Osoite - Address:

Isonniitynkatu 7G 30, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

Puhelin - Telephone:
Koti - Home: +358 (0)9 7773153
GSM: +358 (0)40 5899481

Kotisivu - Homepage:

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" Installation "


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"Nocturnal "

Illuminated structure
in the Park of Arabianm�ki, Helsinki

"Anu Kiiskinen is one of the young artists primarily concerned, in the matter of sculpture, with formation of meaning, of content, as a result of the interaction between environment and artwork. Rather than the aesthetic qualities of an "autonomous object", it is communicative, functional and social aspects that become important. Kiiskinen has worked as an artist together with landscape-designers, architects and scenic designers, to mention a few examples, in projects of planning and realizing artworks for public spaces, parks, or for a landscape. Typical for the site-specific artwork is that it cannot be reduced to, or explained in terms simply of the object made by the artist. Rather, it can be seen as an intervention by the artist that relates to, often comments directly upon, or else changes, the already existing structures of the site. It is generally concerned with the people, local inhabitants, history and architecture of the place. The urban, socially interactive public art of today can just as well be a matter of rearranging, or even of reducing, as a matter of adding something, to the site. Marking out the space, giving it definition through the "monument", can be exchanged for by taking away, or "opening up" space."

Nina Bj�rkman